Blended Science is made from "REAL" beneficial oils.

But no need to be concerned, light and easily absorbing oils where choosen.

The Oils will absorb into the skin in a few moments,

Leaving your skin to feel luxurious, hydrated and healthy. 

Greaseless lotions are a film of marketing, empty promises.

Leaving a thin layer of lies on your skin.

Our Products deliver real nourishment to the cells of the skin.

We keep your skin hydrated and heathy from the inside.

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Use Instructions

Dab moisturizer on skin of Face, Hands, and Body. Gently spread on your skin and allow 10-60sec for beneficial oils to absorb.
External USe Only: Avoid getting the moisturizer in eyes, mouth, and skin abrasions. Store in cool dry 55-85F. Do Not exceed 120F.