Moisturizing Lotions
Natural Blends of Nutrient Rich Oils

Face, Hands & Body Lotion

No Harsh Chemicals 

Paraben Free -  Alcohol Free - Fragrance Free

Quality Performance

Our Natural Blend Moisturizing Lotions are rich in 

vitamins, antioxidants, and essential oils intended to promote healthy skin.  

Oils such as Argan, Apricot Seed, Rose hip, Shea Butter, and many others are full of beneficial compounds that your skin will soak up and thrive.  

Not a Marketing Ploy

Blended Science is a "Real" moisturizing lotion. 

A natural blend of Whole Leaf Aloe Vera that hydrates and heals 

the skin while cell absorbing oils deliver real nutrients.  

Other products are designed to coat your skin 

with a layer that is designed to feel good to the touch. 

Nothing more than a thin slippery layer of marketing 

using mostly synthetics chemicals.


Paraben free, Alcohol Free, and Fragrance free. 

We are Confident in Our Products Results

We truly believe our natural blend moisturizing lotion 

will make a difference in just a few applications.  

We are offering 100% money-back less shipping costs, if its not for you.  

Return the product with in 30 days of delivery, or before 50% of the product is used, and please include your feedback. 

But we are sure you will keep it after a few applications.